Tips on How to Sell Clothes at Online Auctions

April 04, 2017

If you’re an auction seller of new and used clothing, we have important information that you’ll want to know to get the most out of your auction. There are plenty of ways you can do to improve your auction’s value.


1. A picture is worth a thousand words.


The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" still rings true today. Why? The reason is simple: It is absolutely true. The first impression a buyer is going to get out of your auction is your gallery, especially when you’re selling clothes. Whether you’re selling brand new or pre-loved clothing, taking detailed, good pictures is important. To take quality images the most important thing is having natural light. Using natural lighting with a neutral backdrop, whether you’re using your phone or professional camera, allows the colors to stand out. To a buyer, knowing what they are going to be receiving is the most important thing when considering a purchase.


2. Think of a great title to get your buyers attention.


Typically, titles have a limited amount of characters. When thinking of descriptive titles for your clothes, consider including these important details:

  • Condition of the Clothing – New With Tags (NWT), New Without Tags (NWOT), Excellent Used Condition (EUC), Like New (Lk New), Great Condition, Gently Used

  • Brand – add brand’s name: Gap, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, H&M

  • Size – include the size: XS, S, M, L, 6, 8, & so on

  • Gender – Be specific whether it’s for boys’, girls’, men’s, or women’s clothing

  • Type of Clothing – Identify if the apparel is a top, a pair of shorts, a skirt, or pants

You can also add color or for what season the clothing is to your title. Utilize every space provided. TIP: Check out other similar auctions to see the bestsellers, and the titles are written.


3. Size matters!


Take time to measure important parts of the clothes before publishing your auction online. This will save buyers the trouble of asking you questions, which could lose your buyer’s interest on your auction. It’s also important to list size comparisons. For example, what does a women's size small translate to numberwise? It may be a 4 or a 6. A boy's size small typically translates to a 6 or 8. Many times, if you go to clothing brands’ website of the clothes you’re selling: Disney, Gap, Old Navy. Sizing charts are available to determine. If you’re selling baby clothes, it’s very helpful to include the length and weight the clothes are designed for. For example, 0-3 month clothing often fits babies up to 12 pounds.


4. Show-and-Tell your buyers your clothes.


It's difficult to tell from a picture what the clothing is made of and how it feels like. It will be helpful to buyers if you provide a breakdown that make up the article of clothing. The information can be found on the clothing tags. Another important piece of information found on clothing tabs are the care instructions. Buyers may be put off if they think that the item they’re buying might be difficult to take care of: hand wash and machine washed on a gentle cycle. Tell your clients if the clothing is dry clean only, as this brings an additional cost of maintaining the clothes.


We hope that this short guide has pointed out a few things to you about how to sell clothes at online auctions. Incorporating these ideas should help you become a more professional and more successful seller.